Testing Results

Testing Results

Hi Everyone

Congratulations for your success at this month’s testing!

Everyone who performed during this month’s testing did a wonderful job and really stepped up their game. It was extremely evident that everyone took the testing seriously, and spent a good amount of time and effort practicing at home; and you know how the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”.

For all those who tested for a stripe, the stripes will be issued in both the Tuesday and Thursday class at the end of class this week; and for those who tested for a new belt, you can expect to receive your belt next week.

With each new belt we receive the bar is raised up one notch. A new belt around our waist means that more skill, responsibility, leadership, focus, and effort are expected. It’s important to be happy and proud of our success in achieving our goals, but we must always remember to create new goals and shoot even higher for next time. We must always be willing to learn and improve our technique and our spirit. This is how champions of life are made!

See you in class!