'The Karate Kid' at Stanley Park

‘The Karate Kid’ at Stanley Park

Hi Everyone,

West Van and Burnaby Karate Academy have been invited to partake in a karate filled evening on Tuesday, August 19th at Stanley Park.  

Lulu Lemon’s young girl brand, Iviiva, has invited us all to the movie showing of the Karate Kid. We have also been asked if I would like to lead a karate class for anyone who is interested. 
We are hoping to have between 20-30 of our students attend. We would need anyone interested to RSVP as soon as possible, and also be prepared to come in a karate uniform, and participate in a 15 minute karate class just before the movie starts.
Iviiva will be providing a place to run the class and also popcorn to everyone participating. After the class is finished, we can all sit down on some blankets, enjoy some pop corn and watch The Karate Kid together (it’s the original movie… don’t worry) 🙂
This is going to be a great night and lots of fun! 
Friends are ENCOURAGED to come along!
Sensei Matt