Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Last weekend, two of our students took to the beaches with their families to make a difference. They spent the entire day picking up garbage, and making the effort to clean up the beaches the best they could.

A big shout out to Matthew and Kia for¬†being so proactive and teaching us that “even the tiniest of footprints can enable change”. Way to go guys!

As a result of their service and commitment to community, both Matthew and Kia have been awarded a green stripe.

photo 4


Black Stripes are earned regularly every two months if certain physical and technical requirements are met.

Red Stripes are earned when a student receives either all G’s on their school report card (after grade 4), or positive comments from the teacher (before grade 4).

Green Stripes are earned when a student has taken initiative on their own, outside of the dojo, to do something charitable for society.


Congratulations again to Matthew and Kia, as green stripes are very rarely awarded.