Fall Announcements

Fall Announcements

Many exciting events have been taking place in the dojo lately, and there are many more to come later in the month.

1) West Coast Open Tournament

This past weekend, ten students traveled south  to Tacoma for a competition.

The competition was very stiff, but our athletes rose to the occasion and performed very well. Huge congratulations to Kyle Macmillan for earning a bronze medal in the 16/17 year old open weight class. This division had 5 current US National team athletes competing in it.

Congratulations are also in order to Rika Wong, Joel Tai, Masaki Soehardhi, Jai Sanghara, Michael Plunkett, Mark Wong, Gur Hothi, Rishi Sharma, and Josh Noble over at Burnaby Karate Academy for representing. We had a great time down in the states and are very proud of how all of our athletes performed.

2) Belt Testing Results

Congratulations to everyone who passed their stripe/belt testing this past week.

Special congratulations to the following for passing their belt examination:

  • JP Palmer
  • Alexander Bailey
  • Ryan Pour
  • Adrian Pour
  • Matthew Rasmussen
  • Lucas Yu
  • Matthew Yu
  • Rowan Bapty
  • Mark Barantsevich
  • Connor Szeto

3) Halloween Party

We have decided to host a Halloween party at the dojo! There will be costumes, games, yummy treats, bouncy castle, and maybe even a haunted house!

Stay tuned for details as we finalize the date. Hope everyone is able to make it!

4) Final Selection Tournament for TEAM BC

Last May, four of our advanced athletes placed in the top 4 (3 golds, 1 bronze) at the 2014 Karate BC Provincial Championships, thereby qualifying them for a shot at earning them a spot on the karate provincial team.

To qualify for a position on the team (and a chance to represent the province at this year’s National Championship), these four athletes will be competing against BC’s best once again to earn their spot on the provincial team.

Good luck guys! Keep training hard!