Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Hi everyone,

Here are some upcoming events are dojo will be participating in as we enter the new year:

  1. Golden League Tournament (January 16th) – 8-13 yr olds –  A Kumite only tournament focusing on developing young karate athletes for competition. This will be the first of three Golden League tournaments.
  2. Just for Fun Skills Competition (January 16th) – 4-7 yr olds – A skills-based competition that serves as an introduction to friendly competition. This is a great tournament for young athletes who have never tried competing before, or for those who are looking to test their skills against other karate kids! (This is the ideal beginner tournament)
  3. National Championships – Invitation Only (12 and up) – This tournament is for athletes who have earned a spot on the Karate BC Provincial Team. The tournament will be taking place from January 29th-31st. This tournament is very challenging and will be showcasing the top karate practitioners across the country. Please come to support our athletes, as we have seven athletes from our dojo who will be competing!
  4. BC Winter Games (February 25th-27th) – Invitation Only (12-13 yr olds)
  5. Stripe/Belt Testing – January 25th and 26th.

As you can see, we have a very busy and exciting new year that awaits us. Lets train hard and be the best that we can be so we can be prepared for anything!

Happy New Year!

West Van Karate Academy