Gi Patches

Gi Patches

We have implemented a new patch system for the dojo that allows students the possibility of earning patches to attach to their gi!

*Please Note – All patches must be sewn to the left sleeve of the gi, just underneath the shoulder’s hem.*

Each patch represents a character trait that is essential to for success in karate:


Attendance Patch – This patch is awarded to students who rarely (if ever) miss a class. Attendance is necessary for success. How can one be expected to learn a certain technique, if they are absent when the technique is being taught? The students who show up to every class, are the ones that go the furthest in karate.

Effort Patch – The first step to success is attending as many classes as possible. After attending classes regularly, a decision must be made: Will you put in your maximum effort into the training, or instead just give 50%? To be the best that one can be, 100% effort must be given. To be reach only 50% of one’s potential, only 50% is required. Nothing good comes easy, and the more effort that is put into training will produce a more positive result.

Modesty Patch – This kanji symbol is synonymous with ‘respect’. To a have modest attitude is to embody what karate is all about. Karate-ka are known for being humble in their demeanor, but also having a silent confidence in themselves. Boasting has no place in the dojo. Technique will speak for itself. Instead of wasting energy boasting about one’s accomplishments, karate-ka put that effort into training and improving even more.

Leadership Patch – This patch is given to those who go above and beyond expectations in the dojo and demonstrate leadership qualities each class. This can be done by combining physical/technical knowledge, exemplifying strong character, and showing compassion and kindness to those who are new to the dojo and offering assistance. All of these actions are what is needed to earn a leadership patch. Leaders set a positive example for others to follow.