WKF Youth World Cup

WKF Youth World Cup

Congratulations to Parvin Mayan and Kole Macmillan on their wonderful performances over the weekend!

These athletes were in Croatia competing at the WKF Youth World Cup representing team Canada against the top young fighters of the world.

Medal or not, we are extremely proud of both athletes for their preparation and dedication.

Congratulations to the rest of the Canadian Team for their performances and special congrats to Alexandra Zab from Burnaby Karate Academy for her silver medal!

Detailed results:

Parvin Mayan 16/17 years old -59kg
2-0 Australia
4-2 Croatia
1-0 United States
0-3 Italy (quarter final match)

Kole Macmillan 14/15 years old -52kg
2-0 South Africa
0-3 Turkey

Photo Credit: Gordon Chan

kole 2

parvin 3

parvin 2

parvin 1

kole 3

kole 1