BC Provincials

BC Provincials

Congrats to our competition team for killing it last weekend at the BC Provincial championships!

We are extremely proud of the growth and attitude of each of our competitors. Each member fought with everything they had and made the dojo proud!

Take a look at some of the pictures from the event HERE

Detailed results are as follows:

Timothy Hu 7 and under all belts – Gold

Lucas Yu 7 and under all belts – Bronze

Emily Chan 8/9 intermediate – Bronze Kata, Silver Kumite

Sean Chan-Sato 8/9 intermediate – Gold Kumite

Beth Gilhuis 12/13 Novice – Silver Kumite

Keira Szeto 12/13 -35kg elite – Silver Kumite

Connor Szeto 14/15 -52kg elite – Bronze Kumite

Mitchell Dann 14/15 -70kg elite – Gold Kumite

Mark Barantsevich 14/15-70kg elite – Bronze Kumite

Chris Lum 14/15 +70kg elite – Gold Kumite

Parvin Mayan 18-20 -61kg elite – Bronze Kumite, Women’s -61kg Elite – Gold Kumite