abcabcabc April 2016 Student of the Month

April 2016 Student of the Month



Congratulations to Navik for being named April’s Student of the Month!

Navik has a bright mind and warm personality. He gives his best in every exercise, and is an extremely well-rounded karate athlete. He brings a contagious positive energy into every training session and truly helps to create a wonderful atmosphere for the dojo.

There is no quit in Navik. He has the determination and perseverance of someone that simply does not know how to give up. When Navik first started his training, he was the only student in the class! For many seven year olds in his situation, this wouldn’t be the most exciting setting. For Navik, it was a chance for him to learn, and also show what he was made of. Although Navik is no longer the only student in his class, his hardworking attitude and continuous effort remain and make him shine.

At the end of this month, Navik will be testing for his orange belt. We are confident in Navik, and are sure he will rise to the occasion and do a great job as he does time and time again.

Congratulations Navik!