abcabcabc Competition Team

Competition Team


Zone 5 Training/Competition

  • September 23rd

Golden League Championships

  • October 28th

Sato Cup

  • November 18th

BC Provincial Championships

  • December 2nd and 3rd


Before attending your first tournament please make sure you have all the correct equipment. If you have any questions please ask Sensei Matt.

11 Years of Age & Younger:

  •  Red & Blue Hand Pads $30 each
  •  Red & Blue Belts $10 each
  •  Mouth Guard $5
  •  *Boys Only* Groin Protector – Ask Sensei Matt
  •  Correct Size Karate Uniform $45

12 Years of Age & Older (Elite):

  • Red & Blue Hand Pads WKF approved $35 each
  • Red & Blue Foot Pads WKF approved $45 each
  • Mouth Guard $5
  • *Boys Only* Groin Protector – Ask Sensei Matt
  • Competition Uniform WKF approved – Ask Sensei Matt
  • WKF Kumite chest Guard – Ask Sensei Matt
  • *Ladies Only* Chest Guard – Ask Sensei Matt


For those who are serious about pursuing competition, we offer private or semi-private lessons to give students an extra boost before competition. These classes are personalized for each student and are great for helping students reach their full potential in competition.

Private trainings are held Saturday mornings between 9-1pm To schedule a class please contact Sensei.