abcabcabc High Performance Condititioning

High Performance Condititioning

This class is specific to those who compete, or would like to compete, in competition. The training will focus entirely on high performance physical conditioning needed for those athletes who wish to be competitive at the national and international level.



Who – Reserved for students currently training in our ‘Teen/Competitive’ program who plan on trying out for the BC Provincial Team.

Cost – FREE. There is no cost for this extra training. However, this class is meant to be attended in addition to regular Tuesday/Thursday training as supplementary training, and not in lieu of a missed class.

What to wear – Athletic wear, or gi – if that’s how you roll. Whatever is comfortable.

Music – When I work out/train I love having some music pumping, so feel free to make up a training playlist and share with the class. Please check to make sure the language is appropriate first ūüôā


See you there!