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Sensei Matt Bickel

Accomplishments:BC TEAM PROFILE PIC

  • 4 – time member of the Canadian National Karate team
  • Pan American Karate Championships Medalist
  • US Open Gold Medalist
  • 8 – Time Provincial Champion and 10 – Time National Medalist
  • Canadian National Champion
  • Provincial Team Coach
  • Head Coach of the BC Winter Games Zone 4 Team
  • Degree in Sport Science
  • NCCP Certified
  • 10 Years of Martial Arts Teaching Experience
  • Recipient of the Vince Redfern Scholarship



Sensei Matt’s specialty is motivating and inspiring children and youth. His energetic and enthusiastic teaching style is both engaging and fun. His main focus is to encourage all students to try their best. Sensei Matt understands that each student is unique and has different goals. Knowing this, he makes it a priority for his students to set personal goals to aid them in their road to success.

Whether the focus is on studying traditional karate, developing confidence in self-defence situations, increasing fitness levels, earning a black belt, or participating in competition, Sensei Matt has the knowledge and ability to see all students reach their personal goals.

To see what students’ parents  have to say about Sensei Matt and the program he runs, please take the time to read the testimonals section of the website.


“My name is Matt Bickel and I have been studying karate since I was ten years old. From that tender age of ten, karate has always been a central part of my life. Even before I was registered for actual karate lessons, I was always fascinated with karate. So much so, that I created my own make-shift dojo in my backyard. That way, I could train just like my idols Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme did!

Once I began my formal training, I quickly realized that there was much more to karate than just punching and kicking. Although a part of karate, those techniques barely scratched the surface of what karate really was, and what it could do for my life. Karate has provided me with many things. It has given me close friends whom I can count on, role models who have helped me to stay focused and mature into a man, and a fierce passion for something I love.

Through my teenage years karate was a constant support for me. Right up alongside my friends and family, it was another thing that kept me grounded and in touch with who I was. It helped me to confidently say “no” to peer pressure and to feel secure with myself. When life would throw a curve ball at me, karate was always there to help. No matter what was going on in my life, I was always able to use my karate as a support network. Whether it be for support from karate friends, a distraction, or tool to help stay focused and keep everything in perspective, I could count on karate.

As I became more and more involved with karate, I began training with a much greater intensity during each class, and took my training and competitions very seriously.

Throughout my competitive career I have been fortunate enough to have become the provincial, national, and pan american champion. Karate has allowed me to travel all around the world and explore places I would have otherwise likely never seen. In fact, the first time I ever went on a plane was on my way to my first national championships when I was fourteen!

Since I was fifteen years old I have been teaching and coaching. First it was just helping my sensei teach the occasional class here and there, but eventually I started teaching private lessons for the competition group, and my own group of students soon after. For me, there is no greater joy than observing karate’s effect on my students.”