abcabcabc January 2016 Student of the Month

January 2016 Student of the Month



Congratulations to Ena for being named January’s Student of the Month!

Ena has always been a courteous, polite, and respectful student since she first started her karate journey.  There has, however, been a tremendous amount of growth in Ena’s level of confidence and courage! From being quite shy and reserved in her initial karate class, Ena has developed the courage to go in front of the entire class and lead a kata all by herself. She also has pushed herself to attend extra trainings with older students to practice kumite (sparring). In addition to her growth in confidence and courage, Ena is tough. No matter how difficult or tiring the training may be, she is never one to complain.

It is very clear that Ena also cares for others. Recently Ena donated her hair to the cancer society so that it could be used to develop wigs for people going through chemotherapy.

Way to go Ena! Keep up the great work!