abcabcabc Leadership


This program is reserved for students already training in one of our “Karate Kids” or “Teen/Competition” programs. Students registered in this program must be ten years of age or older, and have trained for a minimum of two years along with instructor approval.

The leadership program is a fantastic way for students to deepen their understanding of karate principles and teaching. When we teach, we are forced to not simply memorize certain techniques, but also know how and why these techniques work so we can pass this knowledge on to our students. This program is also a fantastic opportunity to learn public speaking skills, build confidence, make a difference in youth, and so on.

Our leadership program has two components: theoretical and practical. We meet once each month to discuss new curriculum and to go over scenario’s and hands on teaching exercises (theoretical), while also giving students the opportunity to work in a real classroom setting giving feed back to younger students (practical).


Here are some of our discussion points for our leadership curriculum:

How to inspire, lead, and be a role-model
How to give feed back
Fundamentals of karate (Biomechanics) – why and how techniques “work”
Classroom management techniques
Developing Curriculum
How to teach a skill
Practical scenarios

Please stay tuned for all information regarding Leadership trainings and Sempai opportunities!