abcabcabc March 2016 Student of the Month

March 2016 Student of the Month



Congratulations to Chloe for being named March’s Student of the Month!

Chloe is a very special young lady. She is a real life “Karate Kid”, and has a focus and determination that cannot be taught. She is a natural leader and gives 100% to everything that she does.

Chloe is being recognized not only for her amazing work ethic and dedication, but also for what she does outside of the dojo. Chloe has started training with her friends at school and started her own recess time dojo. From a Sensei’s perspective, it is pretty amazing to hear that a young 6 year old karate girl has started her own dojo at school to train her friends. We were fortunate to have seen Chloe’s friends in action at her karate themed birthday party at the dojo. Judging by what we saw at the party, Chloe is doing a great job with her students!

This weekend Chloe will compete in her first sparring competition, and we are sure that she will do a fantastic job and make us proud. Congratulations Chloe!