abcabcabc November 2016 Student of the Month

November 2016 Student of the Month



Congratulations to Timothy for being selected as this month’s ‘Student of the Month’!

Timothy is a very focused and keen student who always gives his best in each training. That said, Timothy also has a warm personality and is always very kind and cheerful! He is seen as a leader of the class by his peers despite him being one of the younger students in the class and truly embodies the spirit of karate.

What makes Timothy such a fantastic student is his passion for karate and his desire to improve with each training. He attends virtually every special event (training or competition) that he can and soaks up as much experience as he can in the process.

Recently Timothy competed in his first ‘kumite’ style tournament and fought valiantly and bravely to earn a gold medal.

Way to go Timothy! Keep up the great work!