abcabcabc September 2016 Student of the Month

September 2016 Student of the Month

Aiden Winsorimg_0977

Congratulations to Aiden for being named September’s Student of the Month!

Aiden is a polite, intelligent, and hardworking young man. He is also kind, caring, mature, and extremely well-spoken for is age. What makes Aiden a stand out student however, is his heart – he truly has a heart of gold! During training Aiden can often be heard encouraging and motivating the other students. Even when he is tired and just about ready to faint from pushing himself so hard, he still digs deep and does what he can to help and support others.

In addition to ‘kind-hearted’, another word that comes to mind when describing Aiden is Grit. There is no quit in him. Aiden is the type of student who will become a black belt. His passion for karate, along with his persistent and persevering attitude will help him to accomplish many great things in his life.

Congratulations on all of the hard work Aiden. It does not go unnoticed!